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Therapy is about change...

Counselling is the provision of trained professional support that facilitates powerful and positive change. If you are thinking about going to counselling then chances are that you want something to be different. You may want to act or feel differently or you may want a relationship or situation to change.

You may be feeling overwhelmed or stuck. Wellness and positive change always comes from expanded self-awareness. Awareness about how we think, awareness about how we feel, awareness about how we behave, and why.

Being aware of our own emotions is a vital. Many people are unaware of how they are feeling. There is a common misperception that we primarily act on logic or rationale. Feelings, in fact, are the powerhouse of our lives yet we are often unconscious of, or not in touch with, our own emotions.

Feelings traditionally viewed as negative such as hurt, jealousy, disappointment, anger, resentment, shame, guilt, self-hatred and sadness are often avoided. They can be avoided for many reasons. We may have learned in our families or communities that certain emotions are unacceptable or that there is something wrong with us if we experience them. In reality all of our emotions are healthy indicators.

The more a particular emotion dominates our experience (e.g. loneliness, anger or injustice, sadness, a sense of failure, helplessness, fear or anxiety, etc) the more it is an indicator, or clue, pointing to an underlying injury to our psyche that needs attention and healing. This injury will not heal by itself.

The more we ignore, deny, hide, indulge or suppress our feelings the worse our life experience invariably gets. In therapy all emotion, including ‘negative’ emotion, is welcomed and worked with. There is no judgement. This type of personal work provides the insights that facilitate powerful and positive change. Many clients report that their lives begin to make sense, often for the first time.

Counselling & Phychotherapy


As a therapist I hold a strong respect for the uniqueness and importance of each individual. My aim is to work in an empathic and collaborative way and provide a safe and supportive environment where you can transcend what keeps you from greater happiness and living life to your full potential.

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Most people feel miserable now and then, most often when something upsetting or stressful is happening such as redundancy or a relationship break-up. Feeling depressed in response to a difficult situation is appropriate and normal. Usually the feelings diminish over time.



Generalised anxiety is when a person is prone to constant tension and worry. Sometimes we can attach this fear and distress to things going on in our lives and sometimes we cannot. Most often the anxiety is an overreaction to reality but we fail to perceive it as such or even if we do realise this we cannot stop it anyway.

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Anger is a natural and necessary human emotion. Of all of the emotions we experience, healthy anger is often the one that powers us up to make constructive change including such as setting clear boundaries with others, discovering our sense of self value, developing new behaviours and speaking up for ourselves in new ways.

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Self esteem is how we feel about ourselves. It is the value we place upon ourselves. It is the cornerstone of a positive attitude towards living and so is crucial to wellbeing, happiness and success. 

Low self esteem means poor confidence and that also causes negative thoughts which can often mean that we are likely to give up easily rather than face challenges.

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One of the most common reasons people seek counselling is for relationship issues. Meaningful and satisfying relationships are a major determinant of happiness and general wellbeing yet many people struggle to develop and maintain them.



Grief is a normal yet highly personal response to loss. It is neither an illness nor a pathological condition but rather a natural process that occurs over time. If managed and understood, grief has the potential to lead to life-changing healing and personal growth.

Counselling is crucial where there has been sexual, physical, mental and emotional abuse.

Most psychological injury is caused by prolonged exposure to a damaging experience or situation. This is usually something or someone in our childhood environment.

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An abuse survivor may over-estimate the degree of danger or adversity in the world and under-     estimates their own power and self-worth.



A person who grew up with an unavailable parent may not believe that they are worthy of love or that someone could actually love them.

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A person that grew up with an angry parent may mistake direct communication or boundary setting for conflict or attack.

Whatever you are dealing with, I help you navigate your path to mental and emotional wellbeing...

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